Who Are We?

Exactly when the Bournemouth Berserkers R.P.G. club was founded is lost in the mists of time. It was originally founded by Chris Hawke, sometime back in the early 1980's when people still used THAC0 and the words "Dungeons & Dragons" were only ever uttered in hushed tones, at least, whilst in public. So, the best estimate of how long the club has been running is 30+ years. Back then we met in the Art rooms at the B.C.C.A. (Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts), Havilland Road, Boscombe. However, since then we've moved venue, but in all that time we've rarely missed having at least two hours of gaming per week!

The club has over its history run a huge number of varied table-top role-playing games, using a bewildering number of rules-systems. We currently host four tables of games with an average of five players in each. These games run in "Sessions" which currently run for three months (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept & Oct-Dec). Therefore, we change games roughly every 12 weeks.

Our membership is ever changing but a few of the "veterans" still attend!  With an age range  between 14 - 50+  and a good mix of Male and Females the club is as diverse as the games we play.

When Do We Meet?

Friday Nights  8 pm - 10 pm

Generally, people can arrive a little earlier so we can put out the tables and chairs.

Where are We?

The club meets at: "The Hall on the Hill" (otherwise known as the St Catherines Hill Community Hall). 17 Marlow Drive, Christchurch. BH23 2RR


The hall has excellent road links via the nearby A338 Bournemouth - Ringwood Spur road and is adjacent to a large free car-park


We have exclusive use of the hall, which has three areas suitable for hosting up to a total of six game tables on two floors.  There are kitchen facilities for preparing hot drinks etc. 

Costs & Membership

We need to cover the costs of hiring the Hall. So, unfortunately there are costs to be covered.


£4   Weekly Subs

However, a new-comers First Night is FREE.

Note: Children with a mature/responsible attitude under the age of 16 are welcome to attend for free if accompanied by a paying parent.

Annual Membership 

£20 (Payable in January)

£3   Weekly Subs (Free for GM/Referees)

Members also have the option to pre-pay £20 which covers their weekly subs for any weeks attended in a specific session. e.g. Jan-March or April-June or July-September or October-December.  

How Are Games Organised?

This is a complex Issue. Basically we, as a club want everyone to have a good time. Unfortunately, in order to do smoothly a degree of organisation is involved. 

About half-way through a game session, the Games Co-ordinator will ask for submissions from members who wish to offer to run games for the next session.

The club members then vote, expressing their preference for which games they would like to be in. The Games Co-Ordinator then has the tricky task of allocating players to the various games that have been offered and/or culling the number of games that will be run. 

There is an "order" into which people are allocated to games.  It's not a "first come first serve" system. It's based on a number of factors. Primarily  this is the players preference, whether there is space in a specific game and finally, as a tie-break, their attendance. But before this, the games Co-coordinator takes into account and prioritises the following people to games.  

  1. People whose First Vote this is.
  2. People who didn't get their First Choice game last time.