Current Games


Across the World for Friendship

System: D&D 5e: (Homebrew) (3rd Level Characters)

GM: Elli

You have been invited to Varglacia, the most exclusive school for magic in the world, by your friend Olivia Wick the only human who has ever been accepted into the school.

She has requested you each bring an item that represents your bond with her. (This connection is your choice, can be family, childhood friend, work friend or anything you would like)

These items are needed for an ancient ritual which is her final exam. Olivia needs your support for her most dangerous assignment yet. What could possibly go wrong?


Mystery in the City of Portals

System: D&D 5e (18th Level Characters)

GM: Dave

As you step out of the portal you are greeted by beings stepping out of gates from other realms. It appears the God of Disease has chosen her champions and you are them! Now the clock begins, the box of disease has been stolen and opened. Who by? Can you close it before your planes are destroyed? Who is Dorothy and why does your god state she must die?

Low combat and high roleplay, there will be combat but not often. It is the third and final part of the trilogy of interlinking games but new players are very welcome.


The Hidden Vale

System: D&D 5e (4th-6th Level Characters)

GM: Andrew

Rumours abound of a hidden vale, lost deep within the Dragonspine mountains, that hold a mystical treasure much sought after by merchants and healers alike, the Blood rose. Information has recently come to light which points to involvement of the Druids of the Old Wood being the key to it's disappearance. What will they want for this key?

Whilst linked to the events of the previous adventure, “Wisdom of the Woods”, either new or continuing characters are welcome.


D.O.V.E. Prohibitions

System: World of Darkness

DM: Mike

When Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer got too old to wield his axe and took to presidency instead, he set the secret Department Of Vampire Eradication. The last adventure took place during the American Civil War. Now the mages of Dove are again called upon to fight the threat posed by vampires. It's 1929 and vampires are using bootleggers to smuggle  vitae with the moonshine, we need a few brave souls to prevent the spread of their undead influence.