Current Games


Coyote Ugly

GM: Dave S

System: Dresden Files RPG

There is something special about Hong Kong it’s a neutral. In the ongoing conflicts in the Supernatural world, Hong Kong is considered to be neutral ground for all parties, per decree of the Jade Court. No fighting between major factions is supposed to occur here. This makes it a popular place for supernaturally attuned trying to avoid the attention of the White Council or the western Vampire Courts. And it makes it a centre of espionage for the same groups.
Lately tensions have been growing in of Hong Kong in recent months amongst the supernatural communities; and everybody’s on edge. People know something is coming, but nobody knows what. It’s even been observed by mortals, though they blame the international situation and the global economy.
You are part of a group sent by the Wizard Council to see what is going on and investigate the trouble and not cause more. You all have your reasons to be there but at least one of you is there hunting a Coyote (Aspect American Indian Trickery God) who has been seen lurking in the streets causing havoc. Why is this ‘Coyote Ugly’ here everyone wants to know?


The Vanguard of Waterdeep

GM: Chris R

System: D&D 5th Edition

In the main square of the city of Waterdeep a piece of parchment is nailed to a noticeboard.
'Are you looking for action, adventure and the chance to make some coin? Come join The Vanguard Adventuring Guild. Find treasure, Fight monsters, Rescue townsfolk. Wanna test your mettle or prove yourself, then the Vanguard is the place for you – ADVENTURERS WANTED, come to the Redhouse, ask for Hugo'

Welcome to the Jungle

GM: Darren E

System: Alien RPG

You'll play as a part of a squad of Marines from their recruitment to being deployed in a counter insurgency operation on a remote jungle covered planet. However, things soon take an unexpected twist when you realise there is something more deadly than rebels in this jungle. Something altogether more alien.

Note this won't be wall to wall combat, the focus will be on the relationships between the marines and how they deal with the growing realisation that they aren't in control. Think Aliens meets Apocalypse Now extended to be an epic Band of Brothers style TV series.been a long journey that started for some in the Underdark and for others in the Shadowrealm. You have saved worlds, universes and souls. Friends and family have been found, lost and forgotten. For some the journey is over and other it is beginning. But before you split to an unknown future you have one more simple quest. To rescue your companions father. But things are not as simple as they seem.


Getting Ahead in the Clouds

GM: Andrew M

System: D&D 5th Edition

Finding out that the recent troubles north of the Dragonspine Mountains may have been instigated by Clouds Giants needs further investigation. Dare you risk such lofty aspirations? (The last chapter of a series of linked adventures.


In the Name of My Father(s)

GM: Mike C

System: Achtung Cthuhlu!

It’s Late 1941~ In a previous episode the party let a german agent escape in a submarine with a valuable Mythos atrifact. Now, a plucky band of Laundry SOE operatives are being dropped into occupied France to intercept the agent before she delivers it to Himmler's Black Sun Division to unleash its occult manifestations.