Current Games


Dead Woman Walking

DM: Dave

System: D&D 5E 12 level

Death for many is permanent. For others it seems to be something that you can get over, Sylvari is a one of those. However, when she then gets a message from her dead sister saying her body and life is failing, what should she do?

With clerics unable to heal her, she must solve this problem and more before she dies.

Sometimes adventurers get to save countries, planets and perhaps even entire planes, but today all you need to do is save one person’s soul. Can you do this and keep them alive?


Too Close to Home For Comfort

GM: Andrew

System: Tales From The Loop (Setting: 1980's Southern England)

“Christchurch Where Time is Pleasent”... but occasionally it's just plain weird.

Christchurch is very old, as are the majority of its residents and not a lot ever seems to change. If it does, it doesn't happen fast. Not Usually. So when a group of Teenagers suspect that somethings amiss with recent developments, it's not long before they feel the need to investigate!

Notes: Ownership of the rules is not required. For setting think "Goonies meets Stranger Things meets the X-Files".


Trouble at Grog's

DM: John

System: D&D 5E (1st Level Characters)

Trouble at Grog's. The growing town of Dagger Rock's sleepy reputation has fallen into question since a half-ogre named Grog has opened a new inn.


Defence of Midgardr

DM: Mike
System: D&D 5E (5th Level Characters)

Having returned from journeys abroad, you'd expected to be greeted by the new life of spring. However it appears the Fimbulvetr maybe upon the land presaging Ragnarok. Fell creatures are attacking the viking lands from the east. The Ice Crows blame the Jötunn Sons, but they deny this claiming the creatures are being driven through their lands. As warriors of the Fifth rank and being familiar with other lands, you have been tasked with making you way through their defensive lines to discover what is driving these attacks.

Notes: You cab be any race so long as it's Dwarf; any background, as long as it's Viking.