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STAR WARS - Living On The Edge

GM: Mark B

System: Scum and Villainy

As rumours spread of a successful Rebel naval action in the Endor system, it seems that the rebellion against the Empire is about to erupt into full-scale war. Who knows who'll be in charge by the time the dust settles?
But it's hard to get worked up by all that politics when you're literally on the other side of the galaxy, way off on the Outer Rim in a star cluster that's beyond Hutt space mainly because it's got nothing they thought was worth the trouble of taking. Out here, the most you ever see of the Empire is a few patrol cruisers and the odd garrison or two. And that's the way you like it - plenty of space for enterprising souls to make a living, legitimate or otherwise, and if someone needs justice (or revenge), they don't go whining to the Imps - they post a bounty. That's where you come in. Law enforcement on demand, payment on delivery. Time to make a name for yourself.
Notes: This system is built around the concept of a crew and their ship, specialising in certain pursuits, and runs in cycles of prepping for a job, carrying out the job, and subsequent downtime. As you carry out jobs your reputation and notoriety will grow, as will your standing or enmity with various factions. The story is heavily driven by players' actions, in combination with the luck of the dice, so there's not going to be a lot of backstory here - the situation will change and evolve through the players' choices.


Liberating the North

GM: Andrew

System: D&D 5e (8th level)

Legends say that over a century ago the untamed wildernesses of the North regularly succumbed to the depredations of the raiding humanoids, Bugbears, Ogres, Trolls and Giants. To their aid came a stout adventuring party led by the brave paladin, Sir Geoffrey of Bungle. They struck deep into the lands, uniting the scattered and isolated communities of humans and demi-humans into a resistance that would eventually form into a fledgling republic. Recent events in the south have meant that trade between two great nations has resumed.. the passes through the bordering Dragonspine Mountains are now open including those to the remote North.. Efforts to establish any diplomatic communications were thwarted by the slaughter of a trading delegation sent to investigate. A survivor brings reports that North has, once again, fallen. The call goes out, for more brave heroes to investigate further...


Lights, Camera, Action

GM: Mike C

System :Pulp CoC

1929; Stanislav Krinski is a 'method' director. He places his actors into as realistic situations as possible to get the most from them. For this latest drama he has organised the cast and a few crew to be dropped on to a tropical island and left with supplies for three months. Their supply ship has been sent away, taking with it a construction crew that are reported to have built a mysterious set on the island; it will not return for twelve weeks. There is the wreck of a ship in the bay and shooting of the shipwreck survivors making landfall is in the can, but things are starting to go wrong; the Best Boy has been missing for two days, the lead actor is getting fractious from not having his morning coffee and muffins, the cameraman is reporting problems with his lenses and Staislav is getting wilder as he gets ready for his big reveal.


The B Team

GM: Josie C

System: Dnd 5e (Level 5)

Blurb: The brave adventurers are stood in a circle. They each nod solemnly, bracing for the unknown. The strange runes on the floor begin pulsing with light as the goliath mage builds her chanting to a crescendo. The glowing grows, enveloping the room with a burning blue light. The heroes wince, flicker, and disappear in horrid screams, leaving the room eerily quiet and calm.
“Ah damn! I think something went wrong with the teleportation. *Siiigghh*
Bring in the B team!”
Notes: Homebrew world. The God of magic died 200 years ago and caused arcane magic to spread across the land, causing massive destruction and reshaping the world. You are from a small isolated kingdom and signed up to test a new thing called a “teleportation circle” and explore the new world. Expect high rp, medium combat (a bit more than some of Dave's but not loads?). Character backstory is important.


Fault Line

GM: John L

System: Marvel Super Heroes RPG (TSR circa 1985)

Though the unusually warm February weather is not considered "feverish" yet, a fever has gripped NYC nonetheless - Convention Fever. No fewer than eighteen conventions are running throughout the city this week. Also, is there an unknown fracture in the bedrock below the Big Apple? Or is there some other meaning to the mysterious last words of a reliable informant, now lying comatose in hospital? The Police, up to their necks with hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking into the city, have turned to the costumed heroes for aid.
You will play the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but you will get to play a character of your own creation. These characters have been members of the Avengers for several years. Character generation will take place on week one.