Current Games


It Was A Simple Job, What Could Go wrong?

GM: Dave
System: D&D 5th Edition

Waterdeep, City of Splendour. Just somewhere to rest and recover but while you're here why not make some money? Alere Hyster needs your help to stop evil gaining a foothold in Waterdeep. Fighting evil and making money what could go wrong? 


Industrial Lies and Magic

GM: Mark
System: D&D 5th Edition (Cyberpunk Variant)

As 2050 AD - twenty-five years since The Conjunction, when most of humanity first learned that magic was real as a variety of otherworldly races became displaced into our world. The ensuing chaos saw governments fall, and those corporations savvy enough to embrace the possibilities offered by the new reality rose to new heights. These days, the only real law is the golden rule, and the best way to make enough gold to get by is to sign up with a Corp - or a gang, or a crime syndicate, they're not much different. For those like you who can't, or won't, take those options, there's always Freelance work - if you have the talent for it. Whether it's bounty hunting for the local police company, a little corporate espionage between megacorps, or some straight-up crime, the rewards can be lucrative - if you live long enough to collect lean on the rail as the ship docks, the sights, sounds and scents of India assail your senses. It’s truly a great time to belong to the British Empire. Wealth, fame, adventure and glory awaits! Taking in the bewildering bustle before you, the previously unbelievable tale of otherworldly creatures may just be a little more believable.


Hell.. Again?

GM: Andrew
System: 2d20 (Modified Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition - 1920's Pulp/Horror)

The recent inheritance of an estate in Cornwall at first seemed to good to be true. It was. Percy Potter, the new owner of the Heligan Estate, has recently discovered a strange portal in the grounds. It also appears as if dinosaurs are not as extinct as the experts believe and those quaint rumors of Frog-people may not be as far-fetched as people think... Worse still, beneath the derelict, abandoned (and possibly haunted) manor house lies yet another mystery.. a seemingly impenetrable vault. What foul secrets lie within? 


The Lost Temple of ?

GM: Mike
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

“That night. Ya wanna know about that night? Oh it’s a good tale. I’ll curdle your milk and make you glad you ain’t old Fredu. I’ll gladly tell you my tale for six pints of ale. Such a small price for such a lamentable tale of woe. And it’s all true. It was maybe three years ago. I was coming from my home in Pinto;....."