Current Games


X-Com Files: Incursion”
DM: Mark
System: Fate Core

Extra-terrestrials are among us, and they definitely do not come in peace. But what are their true intentions? A handful of plucky humans are all that stand between mankind and an unknown fate.


Deaths in Dresden”

DM: Dave
System: Dresden Files RGP(Maybe accelerated)

A series of unexplained deaths and no medical explanation…….


Around the World in Eighty Days”

DM: Elliot

System: Cortex 2nd Edition (Modified)

A Steam-punk Aventure! A challenge has been laid down before you. All you need are some friends of courageous heart and adventerous spirit to accompany you on your travels. Be there at 2PM. Leicester Square. Don't be late!


Sailors of the Starless Sea”

DM: Julian

System: Dugeon Crawl Classics

Starts with a classic “0 level funnel adventure” should you survive, further test your mettle against “The One That Watches From Below”