Previous Games

2017: Session Two (April – June)

“Star Trek: A New Beginning”

DM: Elliot
System: Fate (Starblazers)

Stardate 54704.5 (2378). The Dominion War has been over years already and the rebuilding effort has begun in earnest. All of you are either experienced Starfleet Officers or recent Academy graduates. You have been ordered to report to Starbase 375 for reassignment. The rumour mill is that you’ve been assigned to a new mission out to the new frontier.

The players take the roles of the senior officers assigned to a new area that’s trying to join the Federation.

“Neverwhere, Closing the Door”

GM: Mike
System: World of Darkness
Based on Neil Gaiman’s BBC mini-series NeverWhere, continues where the series leaves off.
You are recent drop-in’s to London Under and have been summoned by Old Baily to a meeting to prevent the destruction of London Under; and mayhap even London Above.

“Cold Hearts, Murky Depths”

GM: Andrew

System: Pathfinder (Modified. Set in a low magic pseudo renaissance setting.The remote lands of the Norwegian Fjords are home to rustic peoples of the north, a hardened breed, far removed from the more civilised nations of Europe. But the despot king of Norway is a both a desperate and ambitious man and his wild kingdom is rumoured to contain more primal things than just greed and treachery. Could the corrupted heart of Vacine church have reached this far? For characters level 2-4.

Out of the Abyss, part 4 – Deep Trouble in Gnome City


DM: Mark Blunden
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
To a weary group of former prisoners on the run from Drow, demons and other denizens of the dark depths, a city inhabited by the kindly Svirfneblin might seem like an ideal refuge, but the once-great city of Blingdenstone is a ruin of its former self, haunted by the past and threatened by new troubles. As the deep gnomes strive to reclaim their former home, many opportunities arise for those with the talent to take on the challenges of the Underdark.