Games in 2018


The Character Who Would Be King

GM: Mike
System: World of Darkness

As you lean on the rail as the ship docks, the sights, sounds and scents of India assail your senses. It’s truly a great time to belong to the British Empire. Wealth, fame, adventure and glory awaits! Taking in the bewildering bustle before you, the previously unbelievable tale of otherworldly creatures may just be a little more believable.

Who Am I?

GM: Mike Foreman
System: Call of Cthulhu

It’s totally black. You can’t hear anything. You can’t remember how you got here. It’s cold, damp and you’re chilled to the bone. How did you get here, you wonder. You can’t remember! But that’s okay you are…. Wait, your name is…… What? You can’t remember your name!! You must know who you are, you grew up…. hold on.. You can’t remember anything beyond just opening your eyes!!

Now you’re scared, cold, wet in the pitch dark and you don’t know where!

Title: A Few Days of Quiet

GM: Dave
System: Fate (Based on Dresden Files)

5 days have passed since they met in New Orleans
4 days have passed since the coins were found.
3 days have passed since the coins were rescued.
2 days have passed since the portals were opened to the Never never
1 day has passed and everything is still quiet in the sleepy town Mystic, Connecticut (Pop.4065)

Today that portal opened and Mystic (Pop.3092)….started living up to its name.

The Mines of Phandelver

DM: Kev.
System: D&D 5th Edition. Starting Characters

You’ve been tasked with escorting a wagon to Phandalin from Neverwinter by a Dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker. He’s eager, for reasons unknown, to get to Phandalin.

Will this simple escort quest be as easy as it seems? Will all the NPC’s have Irish accents ?