Games in 2019



Galactic 4X

DM: Mike

System: Uncharted Worlds ~ (Powered by Apocalypse World)

Mekla Spice is banned in the Profectus System, so will be the most profitable place to offload the bale sitting in your cargo hold. Well, maybe not! Who knew it had such an effect of the local Cendron’s physiology. Fortunately it’s not fatal and blue is a nice skin tone.

But rather than argue your case and risk incarceration, a hastily computed jump seemed the better option. Coming out of a jump backwards, is never a good sign. It would be easier for your stomach and brain to catch up and reintegrate if that annoying noise would stop.

Hang on, that’s the hull integrity warning! Ooops! You must have emerged too near the gravity well of a black hole! What do you do?


The Blackened

DM: Dave

System: D&D 5E (9th level characters)

The great continent of Quzan was formed millennium ago and ruled over by the God Kings.

Upon the death of a God Kings a new God King rose into their place. They used regional rulers to enforce their laws and commands. That was until Cartang Akosaga was born. He was son to one of the regional lords in the area who realised that the God Lords were actually not protecting the land but destroying it. He formed a group dedicated to stopping the God Kings called FREE!.

His rebellion was eventually successful but at a cost. Cartang was lost and so were the morals of many of his followers. With the death of Cartang, the regional lords now stepped in to occupy the power vacuum. However, some of the God Kings descendants escaped and are still plotting to take back their lands.

Time passed and the world is now a very different place. But for over 50 years, it has been quiet, with only a few border skirmishes. Until today. There are rumours of an army on the move!

You are members of a unit stationed near the border called ‘The Blackened’, because when it’s needed, you get your hands dirty and it seems as if that time might be now.


Shrouded Peaks

GM: Andrew

System D&D 5E (6th Level Characters)

In ages past wisdom was sought amidst the peaks of the Dragonspine Mountains… But does the source of the recent troubles between the two bordering countries now emanate from them now?

(Continuation of the adventures, “Wisdom of the Woods” & “The Hidden Vale”, for existing or new characters)